About (COVID-19)

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Protection, cleaning & disinfection measures

As a valued client of the Mercury team, we appreciate the relationship and trust, you place in our team with when you visit our offices and use our vehicles in Greece. We want to ensure you that we are staying informed about the situation with the covid-19 and doing everything we can to ensure the safety of you and our employees. Mercury team is taking Covid-19 very seriously


Mercury’s standard operating procedures before each rental have always included a complete vehicle cleaning and disinfecting of interior surfaces. This includes, but is not limited to, the complete steering wheel and controls, door handles and any buttons, radio and climate controls, seat adjustments, cup holders, arm rests, trunk area, seat belt buckles, and more.


While we continue to provide the newest and cleanest vehicles in Greece and focus on the highest customer service experience, we completely understand that travel plans may change. We want you to know that we are always here for you and offer the flexibility of reservation changes without penalty.


We are committed to maintaining strong relationships with all our clients and we thank you for your continued trust and support at Mercury rent a car.

In case I have rented a car from Mercury and I am found as positive in coronavirus. What I have to do?

In that case you will not have to panic. If you found positive and you have already a car from our company, please contact as soon as possible the rental station that you have picked the car.


Is there a limit regarding how many passengers?

According to the Greek and European laws and legislation the number of passengers that are allowed to each car regarding the Covid-19 measures that are implemented in the geographical area in Greece

Vehicle rent without a driver & Vehicle with driver

  1. 1 Driver + 5 passengers for 7-seater vehicles
  2. 1 Driver +7 passengers for 9-seater vehicles

For the vans that are purposed for mixed usage according with the Greek legislation:

  • 1 Driver+ 3 passengers


While renting the usage of protective masks against Covid-19 is mandatory inside the vehicles. The only parties that are excepted from this law are relatives of A & B degree.



  • The cleaning and disinfection of each car is done very carefully and purposefully at more than 25 parts with approved cleaning disinfectants for our clients to avoid the contact with outbreak of infections.
  • Mercury staff is fully trained to take all the necessary measures against Covid-19. Mercury provides to its team all the necessary equipment such as protective masks, gloves, and sanitizers.
  • Mercury is providing to its client’s antiseptic clothespins and antiseptic.
  • Mercury staff once upon the car is washed and sanitized will place a sign that the car is ready to use by our clients